February 26, 2019

Lab System

Test reports to the customer, and providing efficient management of pathology lab records.

Using a system-based software application provides a dynamic record-keeping and data processing for end-users for complete pathology and other benefits.

The Pathology Lab Management System module aims to ensure that it meets the requirements of today’s busy pathology lab. Labs are now considered one of the highest sources of revenue. Therefore, this module will help your business expand, process more samples and increase your revenue.



  • Any pathology center can use the Pathology Lab Management System module to test the test for the customer.
  • Whenever the test takes place, the patient will get the report on the same date.
  • For any kind of check-up, the customer can go on pathology and get his checkup done.
  • The administrator can approve or deny or set up to finish the booked trial.
  • As per tests booked by the customers, Invoices can be made.
  • Lab technicians can test for the customer.
  • As per diagnosis approval of the request, records of all related laboratory tests will be created.
  • A technician can be assigned a diagnostic record that will test.
  • After completion of the diagnosis and process, the diagnosis done then received value can record.
  • You can add other useful details for the diagnosis report.
  • Feature of mail notification before the test request date on the approval of the test request and the reminder mail notification.
  • The facility of downloading reports with reports of test requests and results of lab tests.
  • Records can create and archived for test parameters, sample types, units, lab rates, test packages, etc.
  • All records can build and archived for patients, pathologists, and technicians.
  • All records can create and archived for laboratory centers and their collection centers.

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